Aquired: August 2021

Favorite song: Mosquito Song

This is one of the first CDs I ever got from raiding my parent's CD/DVD cabinent. This was my originally my Dad's and he got it secondhand which is why the case is so cracked and scratched and the CD has a little decay on it. Luckily, it still sounds fine. I don't think that this album was intended to be a concpet album but to me it is. To me this album invokes imagery of a person stuck in a constant cycle of addiction and recovery all while also stuck in a endless drive through the Nevada desert. Each song represents a vice they took part in during life. It's not quite Limbo because this state of being is not pleasant and it's also not Purgatory since there is no chance of getting better. It's more like Sisyphus being forced to endlessly roll a boulder up a hill. I think that comparison is also fitting since Sisyphus is stuck in Hades and the Nevada desert could serve as a stand-in for Hell because of how hot and barren it is. My theory also draws off of the the very first track with the eerie radio host announcing that the station is "LA's endless repeat." I'm choosing to ingnore the fact that Nevada and LA are very far apart from each other, this setting I'm making up is fantastical. I actually drove through Nevada during a road trip and my sense of time did get a bit messed up while I was out there. I had lost track of what day of the week it was because of how long I'd been on the road and the sun was so bright that it perpetually felt like noon during the day. This album's dark and despairing sound really fuels my whole vision of this album.